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ShopNDineCal User Guide

Shopping Calculator

  • As an illustrative example, assuming that you are currently touring Europe, and your home country is US.

  • While shopping in a mall, you found an item listed at original price €49.99 with a 35% discount and sales tax of 19.5%.

  • After inputting the values in the boxes, press "Calculate" button.

  • The final price before tax, final price after tax, savings, and tax amount were displayed. In this example, the final price after tax is €38.83 and tax amount is €6.34.

  • You wondered how much does the item costs in US dollars, hence you pressed the "Convert to Other Currency" button.

  • Since you are interested in converting Euro to US dollar, at the "Converter" screen, choose "From Country" as EUR and "To Country" as USD.

  • Then input the exchange rate of 1.34 (assuming 1 Euro equals to 1.34 US dollar).
    • The currency codes and exchange rate will be remembered by the app, hence only need to set once.
  • Press the "Convert" button; the final item price and tax amount in Euro and US dollar were displayed.

Shopping Cal Main

Shopping Cal Main

Shopping Cal Convert

Tip Calculator

  • Continuing with our example, you are currently touring Europe and your home country is US.

  • After a long day of shopping, you went dining with a friend. When the waitress gave you the check, the bill total was €59.65.

  • You would like to tip the waitress 20% for the good service.

  • You entered the Bill Total and Tip Percentage in the input boxes.

  • You switched the "Tip Before Tax" to YES, so that dining tax will be subtracted from the bill total for the tip calculation.

  • The "Tax" switch and input box become enabled.
    • Tax information is required only when you choose to switch the "Tip Before Tax" to YES.
  • Assuming that the dining tax as shown on the check was €3.11. Since the dining tax was in price value, switch the "Tax" to $ and enter 3.11 in the input box.
    • the $ sign is just a symbolic representation of price value, the actual dining tax could be in Euro, Yen, Pounds etc.
  • You would like to split the bill with your friend, hence enter 2 in the "Split Bill By" input box.

  • You decided to round the grand total to the nearest €1, hence switch the "Round Total" to YES.

  • Press the "Calculate" button. The grand total, tip, total for each diner and tip for each diner were displayed.

  • You wondered how much you had spent for the meal in US dollar, so you pressed the "Convert to Other Currency" button.

  • At the "Converter" screen, our App remembers the last currency codes and exchange rate input by you when you used the Shopping Calculator to calculate prices of your shopping items. Hence there is no need to input these values again.

  • Simply press the "Convert" button; the grand total, tip amount, total each and tip each were displayed in Euro and US Dollar.

Tip Cal Main

Tip Cal Main

Tip Cal Convert