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ShopNDineCal Main Screen

ShopNDineCal is a shopping and tip calculator with the capability of directly converting the price of your shopping item or dining expenditure to other currencies. So that while traveling abroad, you know exactly how much you are spending on a shopping item or a meal in your home country currency.

Shopping Calculator Features

  • Calculates the final price of an item with sales tax, percentage discount, and additional percentage discount.
  • Option to convert the final item price and tax amount to other currencies

Tip Calculator Features

  • Calculates final bill with tips for diners.
  • Able to split bill evenly among multiple diners.
  • Option to tip before tax or after tax.
  • Option to input dining tax in percentage value (%) or price amount ($).
  • Option to round bill total to nearest $1.
  • Option to convert the grand total, tip amount, total for each diner and tip for each diner to other currencies.

Other Features

  • No separate setting screens, so that impromptu changes can be made easily.
  • App remembers the last tax percentage, currency codes and exchange rate input by user.
  • Press "Reset" button to reset all values (except for tax, currency codes, and exchange rate).
  • Ad free, no resources wasted on bandwidth, CPU and memory.
  • Currency code list and user guide are included for reference.

ShopNDineCal is now available for iPhone and Android phones and tablets
- Buy Now Only $0.99

ShopNDineCal Main Screen